St. Theresa's Gets "Dressed" Up!

St. Theresa's Gets "Dressed" Up!
Posted on 06/14/2016
Salad DressingAs the 2015/2016 school year comes to an end, St.Theresa’s Catholic High School Student Council (Midland) celebrated the season with their annual spirit day. This year, the chosen theme for the day was salad dressing day. The event was a huge hit with students, with almost 100% participation.

What is “salad dressing day” you might wonder? It is a spirit day where students can dress up as their favourite salad dressing of course! If you chose to be ranch, you’d dress up as a rancher in flannel and a cowboy hat. If you chose thousand island, you could dress as a tourist, traveling the thousand islands. The possibilities were endless - all it took was some creativity.

Since St.Theresa’s students always go the extra mile, there were many salad themed activities available around the school. For lunch there was a salad bar, in the foyer of the school there were signs advertising the day, and finally there was a display where students and their friends could be a bowl of salad and get their pictures taken.

The day was great fun and students can’t wait to see what the school has in store for next year's spirit day.

Submitted by Jasmine Crawford-Herron, Student Journalist