Accessibility Planning

Our board is committed to providing students, staff and members of the community with an accessible environment for teaching and learning in all of our schools and board offices.


Looking For Your Feedback on Accessibility

All people should have the same opportunities to access our services, in all of our facilities. Please complete our  Accessibility Feedback Form if you have questions, concerns or input about accessibility at our board.

Website Accessibility

If you require information in an accessible format that is not available on our website, please email [email protected], and we will ensure that we get it to you. For optimal viewing of our website, we suggest using Google Chrome. There are known issues with keyboard navigation using Safari. If you are having trouble in Safari, please follow these steps:

To turn on full keyboard navigation in Safari, go to:

  1. Preferences ( ⌘ + , )
  2. Advanced (the last tab) 
  3. Accessibility
  4. “Press tab to highlight each item on a webpage” checkbox.


2019-2025 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan  

Our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan describes the measures that our board will implement over the six-year period from 2019-2025 to identify, remove and prevent barriers for all people who work, learn and participate in our community.


  • Describe the process by which the Board will identify, remove and prevent barriers;

  • Review recent efforts of the Board to remove and prevent barriers;

  • Describe the measures the Board’s plans to take in the period 2019-2025 to identify, remove and prevent barriers;

  • Makes a commitment to provide an annual status report on the board’s implementation of the Multi-year Accessibility Plan;

  • Makes a commitment to review and update the Multi-year Accessibility Plan annually;

  • Describes how the board will make this Multi-year Accessibility Plan available to the public.

We encourage you to review the 2019-2025 SMCDSB Accessibility Plan.