Responding to Issues or Concerns

The Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board is committed to building and maintaining positive relationships with students, staff members, parents and community partners. When concerns or issues arise, the Board will seek fair, timely, clear and equitable responses by following a defined Response and Resolution Procedure. 

Everyone deserves to be treated with fairness, respect and dignity. We are committed to addressing and preventing systemic barriers and discrimination through a human rights approach.

This process may be used by parents/guardians, students, staff members and community members. If you have an issue or concern that you would like to raise with SMCDSB, we encourage you review the following documents:

Our process requires that issues and concerns are dealt with at the local level first, prior to it being escalated. We understand that there are some circumstances where, after all reasonable efforts are made, a response or resolution cannot be achieved at the local level. In these cases, an issue may be formally escalated. 

If a stakeholder would like to enter into a formal escalation process, they must first review the details of the Formal Escalation Process in PCGE-08 and review the Guidelines and Expectations for Fostering Respectful and Safe Environments  (linked above).  The complainant must then submit their request in writing by completing the form below.

Please note: this is not the process for suspension appeals - information about the appeal process for suspensions should be included with all suspension letters (if this information is missing, from the suspension letter, please contact the school directly).  

accessibilityAccessibility Support: If you require assistance or support to complete this form, please contact [email protected] or 705-722-3555 and someone will be happy to assist you.