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All schools in Ontario will continue to de-stream Grade 9 courses in September 2022.  The data and research support this initiative and it aligns perfectly with the mission statement of Simcoe Muskoka Catholic: “Faithfully, inclusively and equitably, we inspire every student to realize their God-given potential.” Our Catholic high schools are excited to welcome all students into Grade 9 classrooms to provide learning opportunities that will prepare them for success in their post-secondary programs and destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is de-streaming?

Why are courses being de-streamed?

Ontario is the only province in Canada that streams students upon entry into Grade 9. Research has shown that streaming students too early has negative consequences that include lower achievement, delayed graduation and increased drop-out rates. 

What will a de-streamed Grade 9 mean for my child starting in September 2022?

From September 2022, Applied courses will no longer be available in Grade 9. The Ministry of Education has already updated the Math curriculum to a de-streamed course, and is providing an updated Science curriculum this Spring. Geography, English, & French courses will follow the current academic course curriculums. All students entering Grade 9 will take de-streamed classes. The exception to this will be those students who have a significantly modified curriculum in Grade 8 and will enroll in locally developed courses. Schools will continue to offer locally developed courses to support the needs of students.

Elementary and secondary schools will continue working to ensure:

  • Grade 8 students are prepared leading up to the September 2022 transition to high school

  • Supports are in place for all students to achieve success in Grade 9

What are Locally Developed (or Essential) courses?

  • Locally Developed courses support the needs of students who have been engaged in modified programming, usually within the junior grade levels (4-6),  for their last few years of elementary school.  

  • Locally Developed courses are offered at the Grade 9 and Grade 10 level in some schools in the areas of English, Math, Science and/or History.

  • Students in Locally Developed courses learn content that is connected to everyday life.

  • Programs at college and university with a high school Mathematics or English course requirements will not accept courses in this pathway for admission.

  • The locally developed English courses do not prepare students for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) which is a requirement for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

What are some questions I could ask if my child is recommended for Locally Developed programming?

  • At what grade level is my child working independently without modifications?

  • Is my child working with modifications (changes made in grade-level expectations) or accommodations (supports that do not change course expectations)?

  • What are the pathway options if my child enrolls in locally developed courses?

Will a de-streamed Grade 9 prepare my child for success in their post-secondary destinations?

Our programming in Grade 9 will ensure all students have the opportunity to pursue all post-secondary pathways including apprenticeship, college, university, community living and the workplace.

What do I do if my child is struggling in Grade 9?

All of our Catholic high schools have Student Success teams in place to review student engagement and achievement. They support students in many ways that might involve classroom support, special education and/or student success teacher support, and external counselling support if needed. 

Developing a relationship with your child’s teacher(s) through early and ongoing communication is essential to ensure academic success. Parents/guardians/advocates are encouraged to communicate directly with subject teachers. Your child’s guidance counsellors, vice-principal or principal can also be a source of support.

What if my child learns best with hands-on practical subjects?

Our Grade 9 programming will continue to support all modes of learning. Students in Grade 9 & 10 will continue to have opportunities to choose courses in the Arts, Business Studies, Computer Studies, Healthy Active Living and Technology.

What happens if my child does not pass one or more courses in Grade 9?

All our Catholic high schools have a student success program to support students who are struggling academically.  Available supports include: learning strategies, credit rescue, credit recovery and if required remedial summer school.

Will courses be de-streamed in Grade 10?

The Ministry of Education has not provided information or direction regarding the de-streaming of grade 10.