The Simcoe Muskoka Catholic eLearning Programme offers online courses to students that may not be available at their high school and that meet the Ministry of Education’s two eLearning course requirements for graduation.

Our board is a member of the Ontario eLearning Consortium (OeLC), which provides opportunities for our students to take online courses that may not be offered by our board. As well, we welcome and offer learning opportunities for out-of-board students to enroll in our course offerings. As a member of Catholic Virtual Ontario (CVO) we can ensure the delivery of our Catholic Graduate Expectations in our courses.

There is a graduation requirement that students enroll in two eLearning courses during their time at high school.  If students do not wish to take eLearning courses and want to exempt themselves from this graduation requirement, this eLearning Opt-Out Form must be completed and returned to their Guidance Department.

For more information about our eLearning course calendar visit or contact your guidance counselor for more information.