Finding the Story
Posted on 06/14/2016
War VeteranThe grade 9 and 10 students in Mr. Forester’s history class at St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School in Bracebridge are taking on a very special project - keeping the stories and memories of Muskoka veterans alive. The class is working with local Legions to uncover the stories of WWI and WWII.

The project is mostly voluntarily - but everyone jumped at the chance to learn more about the great world wars from people who were actually there.

Students have been digging through old files and pictures, hunting for all they can find about the person they are researching. “I love that the opportunity arose for us to do this. It puts life into a new perspective when exploring the past,” says Seth J., a student who is in the class.

It’s the first time Mr. Forester has attempted this project with his class, and all seems to be going well. “It’s nice to take a break from final projects to do something so fun and relatable,” replied Madelaine V. when asked how she felt about the project. “I’m glad I got the chance to be a part of this, uncovering of all the fantastic stories out there!”

Submitted by Mackenzie Kuhn, Student Journalist