Teresa Ansdell and Amanda Hopkins

Teresa Ansdell and Amanda Hopkins
Posted on 09/30/2022
Celebrating Staff LogoEvery week we celebrate SMCDSB staff members who have been recognized by a parent, student or colleague.

This week we are celebrating Teresa Ansdell, a French Teresa teacher at St. Peter’s Secondary Catholic School. Teresa was nominated by a student, who said:

“Mme. Ansdell is so dedicated to her job. She ensures that her students not only learn French, but enjoy and succeed at the language. She also recognizes her students' unique needs and challenges and meets them with kindness and respect. She has been the most enjoyable part of my final year in high school.”

Amanda HopkinsThis week we are also celebrating Amanda Hopkins, a teacher at Monsignor Lee Catholic School. Amanda was nominated by a parent, who said:

“I would like to nominate my son’s teacher for the weekly excellence awards I have seen posted on your social media. Mrs. Amanda Hopkins has been an amazing teacher all year and Henry has loved being in her SK class at Monsignor Lee in Orillia. A few weeks ago I emailed Mrs. Hopkins asking if there would be kindergarten graduation photos this year, as in the past. She informed me that due to Covid, it was decided that they would not be done this year. We were disappointed because we have the cutest picture of our daughter on our mantle and wanted one of our son’s as well. She decided to take matters into her own hands and do her own graduation photos for her class. She told the parents that “they would not be professional quality but every child would get one”. I can’t even describe how beautiful they are. She went so far above and beyond by making a beautiful set, awaiting a cap and gown and using her own camera to take and then print the most amazing photos of the class. She didn’t ask for a penny and I know this had to have cost a lot out of her own pocket.
My husband and I had tears in our eyes when we received the pictures today. It was such a special moment captured. She didn’t have to do that for us, but she made sure every child felt special. I hope she knows how appreciated she is and I would love for her to receive recognition for her hard work and dedication to her class.

It’s been a hard few years for teachers and kids alike and it’s people like Mrs. Hopkins that remind us of the great things in life”

We would like to thank Teresa and Amanda for their commitment to Catholic education at our board.