St. Teresa of Calcutta Staff and Martin Mantulak

St. Teresa of Calcutta Staff and Martin Mantulak
Posted on 06/10/2022
Every week we celebrate SMCDSB staff members who have been recognized by a parent, student or colleague.

This week we are celebrating the staff at St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School. They were nominated by a parent who said:

“I do not know if it is possible to nominate the staff at MTB, but one thing I am sure of,  it is impossible to choose the best.  All of them every day give these students the best of themselves. The principal Mrs. Newman with the most beautiful smile encourages her students to give the best of themselves. Mrs. Ng is a mother to allmtb staff students, she is sweet, always ready to help everyone, staff and students.  My kids are in grade 7 and grade 2, when they come home they only have great words for their respective teachers Mrs. Joya and Mrs. Neto, they love their teachers.  My son cries if for some reason he cannot be present at school, and this as a mother gives me confirmation of how amazing this MTB school is. I could  say all their names one by one, Miss Pike (she works with my daughter) she is fantastic my daughter feels safe with her, Mrs Lancha and Miss Bay they were the teachers for my son who loves them, (a few days ago he told me mom I love them they always have a smile), Miss Pavone always joking with the boys, and I could talk again. As a mother I would like all the staff to be recognized as it should be. I apologize if there are some writing errors, I don't write well in English, and even MTB staff  tries in every way to make me feel part of this amazing team. Thank you so much”

This week we are also celebrating Martin Mantulak, a special education resource teacher at St. Angela Merici Catholic School. Martin was nominated by a parent, who said:

martin mantulak“I would love to nominate Mr. Marty Mantulak from St. Angela Merici CS. He is very caring, thoughtful and loves what he does. He's helped my first daughter, who's now in high school and now he's helping my second daughter. He deserves a medal for all that he does for our school community! Thanks Mr. Mantulak for all that you do, from the Buyukakarsu family.”

We would like to thank the St. Teresa of Calcutta Staff and Martin Mantulak for their commitment to Catholic education at our board.