Krysta, Alison, and Lori

Krysta, Alison, and Lori
Posted on 10/15/2021
Celebrating Staff LogoEvery week we celebrate SMCDSB staff members who have been recognized by a parent, student, or colleague.

This week, we are celebrating Krysta Gordon, Alison Mitchell, and Lori Moynihan.

Krysta is a Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT) Krysta Gordon at  St. Noel Chabanel Catholic School. She was nominated by a colleague who said:

Krysta is a dedicated, diligent and innovative SERT at St. Noel. Her attention to detail, resilience, and hard work enables a department to provide the appropriate care to those students who thrive throughout the school year. Krysta provides an amazing positive aura, which creates joy, unity, individuality, team work, and most importantly a cooperative work environment. Her energy, empathy and attitude to her role as SERT at St. Noel Chabanel should be recognized and implemented in all schools throughout our board.”

Alison MitchellAlison is a teacher at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School. She was nominated by a colleague who said:

“Ms. Mitchell is an amazing, kind and caring teacher. Her patience and love for her students shines through in all that she does. Daily Ms. Mitchell inspires and challenges her class to expand their thinking in new and exciting ways and provides a safe and loving learning environment for all. Our Lady of Grace is truly blessed to have such an amazing and thoughtful educator and many past students from OLG would agree that she is one of the best! Thank you for being an amazing colleague to all and making coming to OLG a welcomed place to be!”

Lori is a teacher at Holy Family Catholic School. She was Lori Moynihan nominated by a colleague who said:

“She's always finding ways to promote school spirit, creating a positive school culture, excitement, and making students feel as though they're part of a community bigger than themselves. For example, she dressed up as the Cat in the Hat on March 2, which was Dr. Seuss's birthday. She is always dressing up for spirit days, school theme days, etc. Her classroom is extremely diverse with multiple levels of learning needs. She puts an incredible amount of time into preparing the lessons which address the wide range of skills and abilities; respecting and valuing the individual differences.”

We would like to thank Krysta, Alison, and Lori for their commitment to Catholic education at our board.