Heinrich Bebie and Page Kennedy

Heinrich Bebie and Page Kennedy
Posted on 09/13/2021
Celebrating Staff logoEvery week we celebrate SMCDSB staff members who have been recognized by a parent, student, or colleague.

This week we are celebrating Heinrich Bebie and Page Kennedy.

Heinrich is a principal at Holy Trinity Catholic High. Bebie School. He was nominated by a parent who said:

“When Mr. Bebie arrived at the school, it was with such positivity and sincerity, one just knew the school was going in a new and wonderful direction with new administration. When COVID struck, his communication with parents and students alike was ongoing, accurate, and timely as he shepherded the school community through the pandemic’s most difficult moments. On a personal note, he has demonstrated a willingness to work together, as equal stakeholders, for the best interests of my two daughters’ academic success and personal development and I am sure this is the case for many other parents too!”

Page KennedyWe are also celebrating Page Kennedy. Page is a teacher at Notre Dame Catholic School. She was nominated by a grade 5 student who said:

“Mrs. Kennedy is the best teacher I have ever had. She made everything that was going on with COVID-19 fun for us all, she even taught us outside - which was adventurous (just like her)! Mrs. Kennedy teaches us in a great way and makes me wish the year will never end. She has helped everyone excel and empowers us in many ways. She doesn't put power in us, she helps us find the power that we already have. She is exciting, respectful and fair. Thanks for cheering us all on Mrs. Kennedy - you rock!” Signed: A. Briggs - Grade 5, age 11

We would like to thank Heinrich and Page for their commitment to Catholic education at our board.