Frequently Asked Questions
All you need to know about Grade 3 and Grade 6 Provincial Testing

What is Provincial Testing?
All students in Grade 3 and Grade 6 across Ontario are required to complete assessments in reading, writing and mathematics. They are based on what your child is expected to learn in the Ontario Curriculum. 

What is being tested?
The tests, based on the Ontario Curriculum, are designed to assess what your child has been learning to the end of Grade 3 or Grade 6. The tests focus on reading, writing and math, and are designed to measure students' progress, at both of these two key stages in their school career.

Why is it important?
The results from these tests provide important information about the individual and collective achievements of students in these grades.They give your child an opportunity to demonstrate his or her skills and knowledge of reading, writing and math. We use the results to review and enhance our teaching approaches, improve student learning and to identify areas where your child could benefit from additional help.

What is the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO)?
The EQAO is an independent agency that gathers information about student achievement through yearly province-wide assessments of students. The information from the assessments is reported publicly by EQAO and by our Board for our schools.

Who administers the tests?
The tests are administered through the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) and are developed by Ontario teachers and other assessment experts under the guidance of the Ministry of Education.

What do the tests look like?
There is one booklet for each of the three subject areas – reading,writing and math. The questions will be familiar to your child because it is based on the work he or she has been doing throughout the year. Take a look at some sample questions from the EQAO web site.

When will my child be taking the tests?
All students in Grade 3 and Grade 6 will take the tests. They are usually conducted over a period of up to six days in May and June. Your child’s school will choose the exact dates and times so that it fits into your child’s class and school routines.

Where will my child write the test?
The tests are designed to be given by your child’s teacher in his or her regular classroom.

Does my child need to study for these tests?
There is no special preparation needed. Your child’s teacher may provide sample questions to complete ahead of time so that students know what to expect.

What can I do to help my child prepare for the tests?
Parents can remind their child that the test is an opportunity for them to “show what they know” and it is a normal part of the learning process. Working with your children and the teachers throughout the school year is the best way to make sure they are prepared.

Will I receive my child's results?

Yes, you will receive an Individual Student Report in the early fall of the following school year. The results will not appear on your child’s report card.