Liora and Aveya H and Sophia F.

Liora and Aveya H and Sophia F.
Posted on 06/24/2020
Every week we celebrate individuals in the SMCDSB community who have been recognized for going above and beyond to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic. This week we are celebrating Liora and Aveya H. and Sophia F.

Liora and Aveya H. are students from Monsignor Michael O'Leary Catholic School in Bracebridge. They were nominated by a family member who said:

"The girls used some of their time at home to deep clean closets
liora and aveya
and bookshelves of outgrown and unused items that had accumulated over a few years. They got it all together to donate as they knew many parents were looking for home-learning games, puzzles, books and activities.  With nowhere open to donate to, they created a facebook page and began selling items and finding local families to donate the raised money to instead… They started out earning over $300 and helping 10 families with purchased gift cards! They’re eyeing up the family games/puzzle/book shelf and my own bookshelves, and others in the community are asking if they can donate their purged puzzles, games and books to them to list for their cause! The girls will have plenty to keep listing for some time to keep their community project going! To date they have raised over $1200 with their weekly auction and have brightened the day for a number of people and groups - including a pizza party for our local paramedics! This is their facebook project page

Sophia F. is a student from St. Marguerite d'Youville Catholic School in Barrie. She was nominated by a family member who said:

sophia"As we started the Covid-19 quarantine we, as a family-business, struggled. We pray as a family every day, it’s part of our routine and that’s why we decided to register Sophia in a catholic school. So watching the pandemic situation, Sophia called us one day and explained that she had the best idea to help get through this time. She decided to create a prayer box for our restaurant! It's been a very amazing experience to see how many customers are supporting us with prayers! Outside of the box says: ‘Pray for our country, our city, families and pray for each other’, also ‘God is hope, love, joy’. For putting her faith before anything, for getting not just her family but customer support in prayer - it is inspirational.

Thanks to all staff for being part of her growing faith. THANK YOU for being part of her faith in God! We appreciate all of you.”

We would like to thank Liora, Aveya and Sophia for their incredible effort in helping others during this time.

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