The End of a Highschool Daze

The End of a Highschool Daze
Posted on 02/08/2018
JVA student playWritten by Maya Hinds, Student Journalist

Collingwood’s Jean Vanier Catholic High School drama students took to the stage on January 12th to perform their final show alongside teacher, Ms. Morin; High School Daze.

The play was written and composed by Ms. Morin and her students, and dealt with a mix of subject matter; ranging from serious to funny. The play was made up of six scenes; each scene combining acting, singing and dancing to portray life in highschool and the issues that teens face today.

The first scene; “The Kitten Has Claws” presents a humorous take on bullying. Followed by “How Old Are You?” was another funny scene dealing with inter-grade dating and relationships. The third scene, “Miss Perfect”, looked at the pressures on students to be “perfect’ as it followed the story of a girl with an eating disorder. “Barbie and Ken - Break Up” was a crowd favourite, with it’s fun dance routines and exaggerated relationship drama. “Why do I Even Bother” dealt with the problems behind today’s hookup culture as well as the power of friendship. The last scene, “I’m Fine, Really”, discussed a multitude of topics including abuse, toxic relationships, and the subsequent importance of support groups.

High School Daze was Ms. Morin's final show teaching at Jean Vanier, as she retired this January. She proudly described the six performances as; “truly being their show”. The students put together everything; including the choreography, props, music, set, tech, lighting, stage management, script, publicity, and sound.

A terrific final performance; Ms. Morin’s presence in the Drama department will be missed.

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“After all the time we have spent working on this play it has become a creation of our own. Having such a diverse cast, with everyone coming from different backgrounds has really made the play one of a kind. It has been such an inspiration to work with such amazing people”
Jacob R (Props, Martin)