Radio Station Welcomes Student Journalists

Radio Station Welcomes Student Journalists
Posted on 02/23/2018
Student JournalistsWritten by Maya Hinds, Student Journalist

On February 22nd, SMCDSB’s Student Journalists and Communications team had the opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn what it takes to run a successful radio station; Rock 95 and 107.5 Kool FM.

The student journalists had the opportunity to tour the station, and listen to various passionate speakers; including Dan Blakeley, Tim Westin, and St. Thomas Aquinas CSS’ 2016 outstanding graduate; Lisa Morgan. Journalist’s learned all about how the business has changed with new technology, the music selection process, the influence of social media, and the use of demographics in running a successful radio station.

The speakers introduced the students to the importance of marketing and networking, and taught students the importance of developing relationships and community contacts.

Dan Blakeley and the team at Central Ontario Broadcasting have been hugely supportive of SMCDSB’s student journalist program over the past four years.