MADD Canada is Coming to St. Thomas Aquinas

MADD Canada is Coming to St. Thomas Aquinas
Posted on 10/07/2016
MADD logoWritten by Laura Giroux, Student Journalist

On October 18th, representatives from the Canadian Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) will be at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School in Tottenham to remind students that they have the power to help stop impaired driving.

We all know the kind of tragedy caused by impaired driving and MADD will share compelling reasons with us on October 18th, reaffirming why we should always do our part in keeping anyone impaired from getting behind the wheel. Recent statistics from MADD Canada indicate that approximately 4 fatalities occur each day due to impaired driving. This shocking statistic can be decreased with the help of students who share the information they learn from the upcoming MADD presentation with their parents, siblings, friends and peers. It is important for students to realize that when they consider getting behind the wheel while drunk or high, they are not only risking the lives of themselves and everyone in their car, but also the lives of every other person on the road.

MADD Canada has been supporting victims of impaired driving accidents and raising awareness about the danger of impaired driving since its formation in 1989. Students of STS can show their commitment to promoting impaired driving awareness by joining the Ontario Students Against Impaired/Distracted Driving (OSAIDD) committee led by Ms. Novogradecz. The OSAIDD committee spreads awareness about impaired and distracted driving to the students of STS by organizing various events throughout the school year, such as OSAIDD week in the spring.

The OSAIDD committee’s Teacher Co-Advisor at STS, Ms. Novogradecz, is committed to broadening the knowledge of students on the facts of impaired driving: “The OSAIDD committee at STS strongly believes that educating our student community about the realities of impaired driving is vital and MADD Canada always delivers a powerful and moving presentation.”

Impaired driving takes a grievous toll on us all, and it is 100% preventable. Do your part to discourage impaired driving and support MADD Canada at the upcoming presentation.