St. Mary’s in Collingwood is Walking the We Day Talk!

St. Mary’s in Collingwood is Walking the We Day Talk!
Posted on 11/30/2016
St. Mary's Catholic School in Collingwood is determined to bring their lessons from WE Day to change their community one step at a time. 

After Somer Wilson, a Grade 8 student from St. Mary's Catholic School in Collingwood, attended the WE Day celebration in Toronto, she proposed a drive for gently used boots and shoes. She suggested that everyone in the school community bring in boots and shoes that no longer fit, and exchange them for gently used items. This helps both the environment and members of our community. Somer worked diligently to promote the drive, including announcements, agenda notes and a press release for our website and Facebook page.  She met with the vice-principal, custodian and the teacher for Christmas Cheer to obtain approval, storage space and a place to display the boots and shoes. We would like to thank Somer for walking the We Day talk (in gently used boots and shoes), and taking steps to change the world.  

In addition to the amazing community boot and shoe drive, Mrs. McKee's Grade 8 class and Ms. Nederend’s Grade 6/7 class recently completed the We Scare Hunger food drive campaign. Now, Ms. Nederend’s Grade 6/7 class is heading up the St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Pyjama Drive with a bundle of pyjama donations. In order to promote the event, members of the class spoke at a school assembly and have made many announcements for the campaign. Constantly aware of how difficult it can be sometimes to give, the students have also made it very clear that if a family cannot afford to buy new pajamas, a loonie or toonie would also be greatly appreciated. The students have also been using their community service with the drive to create some authentic math lessons about ratios.  

Thank you to the Intermediate students and staff at St. Mary's Catholic School for all of your amazing efforts. Your hard work will be helping more people than you know.