Good Luck Cheetos
Posted on 11/24/2016
Basketball picWritten by Kayla McBride, Student Journalist

Luck. Some people say that there is no such thing as luck. However, some people believe that luck is everywhere and in everything so they create traditions. Socks, t-shirts, shoes and macaroni are just a few examples. But one group of girls decided to make there own type of lucky tradition. Cheetos.

When the St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School Junior Girls Basketball team began competing this September, they shocked everyone. Winning five out of ten games and ending a ten season losing streak, the team was on fire. The team of the century was also able to beat its rival school Bracebridge Muskoka Lakes Secondary School for the first time in many, many years. That season-changing game was won by a free throw and heart, although some believe they may have had a little extra luck.

While waiting for the entire team to be ready, the St. Dominic girls basketball players decided to have a Cheeto before the game in the change room. This lead to the thought that the Cheetos might be lucky, so naturally from that game on the team ate Cheetos before every game. Even if they didn’t win, the luck of the Cheetos helped them play better than they had the game before.

After an entire season full of records and Cheetos, it was time for an even bigger competition MPS and GBSSA. Although the team didn’t win either tournament, they played their best and with their hearts. And for the Cheetos, this delicious tradition will be carried through to next year when the team is determined to set even more records.