Clash of the Colours

Clash of the Colours
Posted on 11/07/2016
Clash of the Colours PicWritten by Mykenzie Barrera, Student Journalist

At the same time every year, you will see students from St. Peter’s Catholic Secondary School in Barrie, at many party stores gathering up a stock of a certain colour for the annual Clash of the Colours!

On October 25th, 2016 in the hallways of St. Peter’s, grades became closer and the fun became louder, with everyone screaming and cheering and hoping to win Clash of the Colours 2016!

Clash of the Colours is a yearly event held in mid-October. Every grade is assigned a colour, the colour does not change from year to year. Grade 9’s are Purple (#Purplenines), Grade 10’s are Orange (#Orangetens), Grade 11’s, Green (#Greennation) and Grade 12’s, Yellow, (#Yellowtwelves, or #Yellowstrong), and we also include the Grade 13’s with Red (#Red13’s).

Clash of the Colours is a big event for St. Peter’s, and while competition is good, spirit bursts through to take the win, near the end of the year, when the ‘Spirit Cup’ is awarded. The Spirit Cup is a trophy offered to the grade with the highest amount of spirit points, given by the Panther Student Union (PSU) club.

The day began with an opening ceremony, clapping in our Grade 9’s to their first clash experience and then getting ready for the exciting day. Following the opening ceremony, teams split up to compete with one another in some basic and entertaining games. After that it was lunch and all eyes were on the stage for Clash of the Talents and there was no doubt that talent was there. Once lunch was over, it was the closing ceremony and all eyes were on the shows that took place to try and build up last minute spirit points. The grade 12’s came in with glowsticks while the lights were off and lots of cheering, followed by the grade 11’s song performance and ending with the grade 10’s mash up dance. That marked the end of a fun yet tiring day.

Everyone is vying for the cup this year. However only time will tell who will win. Clash of the Colours was exciting and it would be no surprise if students were already planning for next year’s competition!