Get Down to Earth Festival

Get Down to Earth Festival at St. Mary's CS (Collingwood)
Posted on 05/09/2016

St. Mary’s School, in Collingwood, was transformed for the “Get Down To Earth Spring Festival” on Saturday, April 30. Gone were the regular hallways, classrooms and gym – instead there was a new world of nature and science areas, community vendors, games and activities. Crowds of people of all ages moved through the school, many commenting on the fact that they had never seen anything like it in a school before. The gym was packed with nature-themed games and prizes. The Nature Room, a classroomNature Room

completely altered, featured hands-on wilderness activities in an environment of rainforest green. Science buffs hung out in the courtyard, creating slime and personalized planting pots. The halls teemed with unique giftware and activities and organic foods and drinks.

This was a true example of an entire community coming together – the hard-working and committed volunteers included St. Mary’s students, staff and parents, and exceedingly generous local sponsors and business people. Led by Ms. Sylvia Gallo, a Designated Early Childhood Educator at St. Mary’s, this team exemplified the very best of Catholic education. This was people from all stations working shoulder to shoulder to create an inspiring community event, and to raise awareness for stewardship of the Earth.

A special thank you to Father Pilon, who blessed the tree planted by students and Ms. Sylvia Gallo just prior to the event.