Just Hanging Out
Posted on 03/11/2016

Classrooms all around the SMCDSB are taking the new technology roll out in stride and using it to connect with one another to play games, learn something new and make friends. Students at Notre Dame Catholic School, in Orillia, have been virtually hanging out with other classrooms in Bradford, New York, Vermont and Nebraska, using Google Hangout, a Google video chat application.

Guess WhoThe Grade 7 French class at Notre Dame are virtual pen pals with Madame Bowen’s Grade ⅞ French class at St. Angela Merici Catholic School in Bradford. The two classes “hangout” regularly and discuss various happenings in their communities and play games.

Both classes really enjoy the game “Qui Es-ce?” (Guess Who?). Each student made a profile of themselves, which the teachers then exchanged. The goal was to identify the other class’s mystery person and the students came to class dressed in disguises to hide their identity. They took turns asking questions to try and discover who the mystery person was, all questions and answers were said in French.

In May, the pen pals will get to meet in person and share in a fun filled day of French activities and a Cafe of authentic French food.