Marissa Druken's Well Project

UPDATE: Marissa Druken reaches her goal in raising funds for Tanzania
Posted on 02/18/2016
After 15 weeks of carrying a 43 lb water jug on her back throughout the halls of St. Joseph's Catholic High School, Marissa Druken has finally reached her goal of raising $5,000 to build a well in Tanzania.

With contributions to her GoFundMe account and personal donations, Marissa was able to send the $5,000 to a small village in Tanzania, Africa to assist them in building a well during a time of severe drought. 

Marissa travelled to a small Tanzanian village in May with her school on a Mission Trip. She learned all about the culture and people of the village, she even participated in a water walk, which is a walk the villagers do everyday to collect water. They travel 2 km (each way) to collect water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. Since they are in a drought, the trip to collect water has become more difficult. When Marissa travelled to this village she developed a relationship with the people and felt it was her duty to give back to them when she heard about the drought, as they gave her so much when she was there.

So, Marissa decided to carry a 43 lb jug of water around the halls of her high school until she raised enough money to build a well for this village, she also raised awareness for the living conditions those in third world countries have to endure.

We want to congratulate Marissa on this amazing accomplishment, and thank all those who helped make her project a success. We can't wait to see what impact you will make on the world next!