Carly, Rosemarie, Trina, and Carlayne

Carly, Rosemarie, Trina, and Carlayne
Posted on 06/24/2021
Celebrating Staff LogoEvery week we celebrate SMCDSB staff members who have been recognized by a parent, student, or colleague.

This week we are celebrating Carly Kussen, Rosemarie Lassaline, Trina Feetham, and Carlayne McCormick.

Carly is a teacher at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School. She was nominated by a colleague who said:

“Carly has been a treasured colleague since we met Carly Kussen years ago in the Religion, Part One course. Although we don't work in the same school, she is always available to listen to ideas, co-create lesson plans, share excellent resources, and provide constructive and professional feedback. Especially during this time of learning, Carly has been supportive and eager to listen to my concerns and has helped come up with solutions to challenges in courses and in the virtual platform. She is greatly missing being able to coach this year, which is one of her many talents and strengths, and volunteering in the school with various events. Carly is a dedicated teacher and coach who should be recognized for her commitment to her students, her colleagues, and her friends.”

Rosemarie LassalineThis week we are also celebrating Rosemarie Lassaline. Rosemarie is a teacher at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Barrie. She was nominated by a colleague who said:

“Mrs. Lassaline is an absolute treasure. Every parent I know from the St. Mary’s school community has nothing but the highest regards for her. A truly great teacher encourages her students, is dedicated to her craft and teaches with passion. I feel Mrs. Lassaline embodies all of these characteristics and more. Her reputation for kindness, positivity and warmth precedes her. Covid -19 has been devastating to everyone and virtual learning is challenging. Having a teacher like Mrs. Lassaline who encourages warm conversation with her students, creative learning opportunities, and a stress-free online-learning environment is a true blessing. Every child in her care surely feels loved, appreciated and encouraged. I can think of so many examples of her teaching excellence, but I will list my top three for efficiency. Firstly, her generosity is beyond compare. She gave her students Welcome To School, Thanksgiving, and Christmas gifts. The Christmas gift for my child was a very thoughtful art/drawing book and a drawing pen that was very fitting for her artistic personality and interest in sketching. Secondly, her caring demeanour is a gift in and of itself. As a family we treasure her beautiful handwritten notes and cards. She dutifully checks the daily agenda and writes words of encouragement. Her messages for every virtual assignment and email are personalized, encouraging and kind.
Thirdly, her creativity in lesson planning is greatly appreciated. She engages the children in her care with mixed media lessons that suit their age group. From Lego building landscapes, drawing a picture to spin off into a story, to looking at close up pictures of snowflakes - each activity is dynamic. My child has learned how to google search the daily weather, writes lengthy creative stories based on the interesting topics he has been provided, and is happy to go to online school. I have heard the exciting recount of learning about space and the beauty of Canada.

I would like to end this positive endorsement with the greatest reason Mrs. Lassaline should be acknowledged. Our children want to be in her class, and they want to go to school! What greater sign could there be that you are an amazing teacher? God bless you Mrs. Lassaline!”

Trina FeethamThis week we are also celebrating Trina Feetham. Trina is a teacher at St. Mary’s Catholic School. She was nominated by two colleagues who said:

“We nominate Trina Feetham from St. Mary’s Collingwood. Her dedication as a teacher is inspiring every day. Through this challenging time she is always on the hunt for exciting resources to keep her students' learning environment fun and stimulating. She will go that extra mile to make sure each and every student is being reached and challenged. One of her gifts is connecting with her students through her humour. She has close bonds with many students in the school who are no longer in her class. As well, she is a dedicated and loyal colleague and friend. She will drop anything to help and when she says. ‘What can I do to help?’ you know she means it. She will go to bat for you, give you advice, offer support and always listen. During this unprecedented time, she has been an outstanding team mate. She organizes our collaboration, listens when you need an ear and, most importantly, she makes us laugh! We are so grateful to have her as a teammate, mentor and friend.”

This week we are also celebrating Carlayne McCormick. Carlayne McCormick Carlayne is an Educational Assistant at St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School. She was nominated by a colleague who said:

“Carlayne is a hard worker who is always willing to take on new challenges to impart instructions and create an excellent classroom environment. Carlayne has contributed immensely to our school by developing core curriculum and providing instructional support. Carlayne's positive attitude puts her in a league of her own, and she can interact with staff, students and administration. Carlayne was lead coach of track for seven years, assistant coach for cross country for four years and the leader of our breakfast club. The countless hours Carlayne has put in before and after work hours does not go unrecognized. Unfortunately, after 11 years St. Joan of Arc will be missing Carlayne next year as she has been moved to another school through our decline of students - a sincere loss to our school. All the best Carlayne, in your future endeavors.”

We would like to thank Carly, Rosemarie, Trina, and Carlayne for their commitment to Catholic education at our board.