A Prayer in the Wake of the Tragic Attack in London

A Prayer in the Wake of the Tragic Attack in London
Posted on 06/10/2021

A reading from the Holy Qur’an, chapter 5, verse 48:


If God had wished it to be so, he could have made you one single community, united in one religion. But he wished to test you in terms of the teachings he has given you. So compete with one another in doing good. In the end, you will all return to God, and then he will explain to you the truth concerning your differences.


Let us pray.


God of love and compassion,

we are deeply saddened by the events in London this week,

and by the tragic deaths of four members of a Muslim family there,

who were attacked only because of their religion.

Grant comfort to those who have lost loved ones,

and the many people who are grieving them.

May we stand together with our Muslim sisters and brothers,

to remind them that they are not alone,

and that we are working to ensure

that no one in Canada is afraid to practise their religion

or feels excluded because of their faith.

Teach us to love all people without exception,

and to remember that, in your eyes, we are all one family.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.