On the Chopping Block

On the Chopping Block
Posted on 02/09/2021
Survivor Image“The tribe has spoken” - those four words no doubt make you think of the popular television reality show “Survivor”. But for staff and students at St. Paul’s Catholic School in Alliston, these words have become quite personal.

Survivor St. Paul’s Lockdown Edition is the brainchild of teacher and host Mr. Miorin, and follows his previous hit Masked Singer St. Paul’s Edition. Taking Principal Cicinski’s suggestion, Mr. Miorin established the rules, production and timing of the survivor type game, and is responsible for filming, editing, and publishing each episode. He also sets up the voting forms and tallies the votes.

Just after Christmas, St. Paul’s teachers were sorted into five teams - “Smells Like Team Spirit,” “Between a Chalk and a Hard Place,” “Gone With the Win,” “The Maskateers,” and “You’re on Mute”. The teams were introduced to the student community in the first episode, along with the first challenge, to build the most creative and unique snow structure.

Included in the following episodes of Survivor St. Paul’s Lockdown Edition is a link to a Google form where students can vote. Each new episode airs on Wednesdays and voting closes at 12 p.m. on Sundays, so the community has to be on their toes, and evaluate the options set before them.

Although the results of the first challenge were not tallied at the time of publication, the five teams went to extraordinary lengths to impress their judges. Their talented and creative work can be seen in the second episode, along with the introduction of the second challenge. Teams were asked to create their best Superbowl snack.

Outwit, outplay, outlast - which teacher team will last the longest? Which team can make it to the end? There are five challenges planned so at this point, it’s anyone’s game but one thing we know for sure - Survivor St. Paul’s Lockdown Edition is an entertaining way to engage staff, students, and families during the pandemic, as well as encourage outdoor, creative play and exercise, as students follow the example set by their teachers. Congratulations to the St. Paul’s community for coming up with such a fun and enjoyable way to “survive” lockdown!