Tutors to the Rescue

Tutors to the Rescue
Posted on 02/06/2020
SJO TutorsWritten by Hayley Apted and Brady Lorenz, Student Journalists

Since the start of the 2019/2020 school year, a group of Grade 12 students at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Barrie continue to offer their time to tutor younger students three times a week. The tutors are lead by student volunteer Botond I. with the help of many teaching staff, ensuring all topics are covered for students in need.

This January, as exams neared, the tutors saw more students come to them for help. Grade 9 students writing their first high school exams can sometimes find this time overwhelming, with culminating projects, essays, and long exam reviews. Many students have found comfort both in tutoring itself, and in the fact that it is available to them whenever they may need it.

Tutor Sabrina S. explains that the program not only benefits the young students who attend to learn, but also the tutors themselves. Sabrina stated: “I personally find the program to be incredibly rewarding. I strongly believe that the students of SJO should help each other in all aspects of school if we are able to”. She also holds the belief that the program’s success may have to do with the ‘peer’ aspect of the program; students seem more willing to ask a tutor for help because it’s a lot like “studying with a friend” - the tutors are easy to access and to talk to.

Seeing students work together for a goal so pure as better grades is certainly a fantastic achievement on the school’s part. Hopefully this program will continue to grow as time goes on and more Jags learn of its benefits.