MCC Madness
Posted on 12/09/2019
Past MCC pictureWritten by Alyssa Duarte, Student Journalist

The holidays are right around the corner and while the average person may be preparing for the cold weather and winter festivities ahead, students and staff members within the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board are getting ready for the most anticipated event of the year - MCC!

Marking its 21st year in the making, The Monsignor Clair Cup, otherwise known as MCC, is a community wide event held at the Barrie Molson Centre hosted by St. Peters C.S.S., St Joseph’s C.S.S. and St. Joan of Arc C.S.S., hockey teams, - all with hopes of winning the MCC cup!

Originating in 1991, the event came about in honor of Monsignor Clair, an advocate for Catholic education in Barrie - and has been a hit ever since! Originally the event consisted of one game and it alternated each year between the male and female teams, however, in 2006, a decision was made to include both and extend the day.

In the days leading up to MCC, at each school, students promote their enthusiasm by creating posters, buying spirit wear and purchasing tickets for the biggest event of the year. Students also learn a choreographed dance taught by teachers and those in charge of the leadership committee to represent their individual school.

At St. Peters C.S.S., the day begins with adrenaline high! As students begin to arrive at school, they gather for a pep rally whereas the senior boys and girls hockey team participants are applauded as they take the stage before their hopeful day. Following this, students are split onto their assigned buses and brought to the arena where teams compete in friendly competition, dances are presented one by one and students enjoy concession like food!

When discussing with Melissa V., a Grade 12 student at St. Peter’s C.S.S, about her experience with MCC she described her love for it by saying, “Hockey is the signature sport of our country and what better way to show our school spirit than by cheering on our peers and coming together as one. MCC is more than just a day to compete, it’s a day to be with your friends, snap a few photos and get to know students from other schools”.

Positive energy is often radiant on the day of MCC with each students compassion towards their team and good sportsmanship - everyone embraces this amazing board wide tradition!

While there can only be one winner (congratulations to St. Peters C.S.S. for last year’s win!) each school has fun, and students are already looking forward to this year’s MCC on Monday, December 9th, 2019! Stay tuned to see who will win this year’s Cup!