Symposium in Grade 12 Philosophy Class

Symposium in Grade 12 Philosophy Class
Posted on 10/31/2017
PhilosopherBy Gabby Jensen, Student Journalist

Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Bradford West Gwillimbury hosted their annual Philosophy Symposium on Friday, October 27, 2017. Mr. Horan’s Grade 12 philosophy class organized the symposium to talk about major topics of today's world. All 32 students took their time creating their Ancient Greek, Roman or Egyptian costumes to take the symposium to the next level. The students brought in their food and drink of choice to make the debate even more enjoyable.

The class started off with small candles on the desks as the gods and goddess’ stated their name to enter the symposium. Venus, the Three Fates, Atticus and many more philosophers posed eye opening questions as they offered their opinions on the topics presented. The students all agreed that this was a great way to have a debate in class.

“The symposium was amazing. Everyone asked great questions and challenged other students when they disagreed. I loved dressing up as ancient greek philosophers, it made this class so much better,” Hailey K. said when asked how she felt about having a symposium once a month.

The question that seemed to spark the most interest was about how the media affects young millennials today and the influence media has on our decisions. Almost all of the young philosophers in the making had something to say about the topic that relates so closely to them.

At the end of the 75 minute symposium, it was clear that all the young gods, goddess’ and philosophers could not wait for their next symposium at the end of the month, thinking about all the mind altering questions that they would face once again.