St. Theresa’s Student Council has High Hopes for 2017 Terry Fox Fundraiser

St. Theresa’s Student Council has high hopes for 2017 Terry Fox Fundraiser
Posted on 10/02/2017
Fundraising thermometerWritten by Zsofia Hatvani, Student Journalist

St. Theresa’s Catholic High School in Midland, is recognized throughout the community for their school spirit, involvement in the community and their dedicated Student Council’s many original fundraising ideas.

Tensions are high at Student Council this week in preparation for the Annual Terry Fox fundraiser, which started on Monday, September 25th and will officially end on Wednesday, October 4th. The fundraiser will conclude with St. Theresa’s Terry Fox event day on the school track on October 3rd. The school’s goal this year is to raise $1,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation.

St. Theresa’s Student Council, including Sam M., the student senator, Cydney W., the Grade 9 representative and Josh L., the house systems director, are currently organizing new spirit raising activities for the event day and the days leading up, hoping to encourage students to donate money for the worthy cause. When asked about the school’s goal Watson said, “If everyone could make some kind of donation, we will reach our goal. It doesn’t even have to be a dollar, just some kind of donation would be appreciated.”

Some of the fundraising events may include a salon in the hair and esthetics room where students can get their hair and nails done for a small donation, and live music in the cafeteria performed by Dimitri P., the assemblies director at St. Theresa’s. The school mascot, Storm the wolf, will collect donations on the event day.

Students have another good reason to donate - if they reach their $1,000 fundraising goal school principal Mr. Tate has agreed to dye his hair green! Sam M. said, “I do have faith that the school will pull together to achieve our goal, especially because who doesn’t want the principal to have green hair?“ The Council has also invited personal trainer G.I. Jane to be at the school for the Terry Fox walk, and lead participating students in a Zumba routine and raise school spirit on the track.