Points for Pizza at St. Joe’s

Points for Pizza at St. Joe’s
Posted on 10/02/2017
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Written by Sofia Stocco, Student Journalist

The annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, to support the Barrie Food Bank, is taking place September 25 - October 5 at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Barrie. Students are enjoying a little friendly competition - whichever homeroom class earns the most points will win a pizza party! Many classes are working hard for this great cause and the competition is heating up!

Some food items are worth more than others:.
-noodles and broths are worth one point
-canned goods and rice are worth two points
-pasta and soap are worth three points
-snack items and hygiene items are worth five points
-baby wipes and juices are worth eight points
-baby formula, gluten free products, and diapers are worth ten points

Many teachers are doing an outstanding job of encouraging their students to bring in items and are offering added incentives to motivate the students for this good cause. Although the competition is close, many homerooms are pulling ahead, but none more than the grade twelve biology class.

As per usual, Mrs. Penny’s homeroom class is in the lead! Mrs. Penny is known for taking the lead in any St. Joseph’s competition because of her enthusiastic participation in the school and the community.

This year Mrs. Penny’s homeroom class is an almost equally competitive Grade 12 biology class who are aiming to beat last year’s Grade 10 science classes’ record of bringing in over $130 dollars for the food drive and winning the pizza party. To motivate her class, Mrs. Penny sometimes offers bonus marks on small quizzes, and stresses that every little bit helps. Students are encouraged to bring in $1 and an item on the desired food list, and for students who don’t have time to purchase food items for the drive, Mrs. Penny does the shopping on her own time.

What’s even more generous is that Mrs. Penny will match every dollar brought in by her homeroom students up to $200!

But the effort doesn’t stop with only her homeroom class. Mrs. Penny’s students encourage other students who have first period spare to bring in donations and be an honorary member of the hard-working class! So far, Mrs. Penny’s Grade 12’s have brought in $175 to be matched by the biology teacher along with hundreds of points in food items. Throughout the school Mrs. Penny’s record wins (and no losses!) is well-known, appreciated, and inspirational.

Grade 12 student in Mrs. Penny’s homeroom biology class Kaitlynn M. said; “The difference we get to make in the community is awesome. Students want to be involved in the community because she (Mrs. Penny) motivates us to care as much as she does.”

The general effort throughout the school community is outstanding! So many homerooms from every grade have been very generous and supportive of this great cause, and we can’t wait to see who comes up with the most points and the pizza party on October 5th! Happy Thanksgiving!