News is Taking Over St.Thomas Aquinas

News is Taking Over St.Thomas Aquinas
Posted on 10/02/2017
Radio announcerWritten by Abigale McCulloch, Student Journalist

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School (STS) in Tottenham, hears the news every other day, from students to students. Starting September 15th 2017, a small group of Grade 12 students from STS decided to start a news broadcasting program for their peers. This network they call “The Takeover” has quickly become popular with the school community. They are currently reaching out through social media, an easy and quick way to get the word out to the school.

There are five students on the team, Michael F., Adrian R., Veronica C., Brian H. and myself, Abigale M. The team is keen to find a way to get students more interested in what is going on around their school. “The Takeover” is a perfect way for them to revive school spirit and make their last year and the years to come fantastic for students. The team has already produced two episodes and two short montages of STS sports teams and events.

Speaking to the team I discovered that they are eager to build up their audience and become extremely involved with all of the amazing things STS offers its students. The producer Michael F. says, “We want to change our school’s culture in a positive way… create more togetherness.” The team is trying to increase school morale and get more students interested in going to school everyday. The radio team is using comedy to deliver the news to STS students in a fun way. One member of the team, Adrian R., is planning to study film after graduation, and for him this is the best way to filter film into his everyday life. He has always wanted to partner with Michael F. to create a TV show between friends, and so they started “The Takeover.”

This passionate group of students is changing the way kids look at STS by reporting on school events, sports, spirit days and raising awareness for charity donations. The team’s main focus on social media is Instagram and you can follow them @the_takeover_sta.