Not Your Average Choir!

Not Your Average Choir
Posted on 12/06/2017
Choir boys!Written by Isabella Lamoureux, Student Journalist

The Kenyan Boys Choir Rock St. Joan of Arc

On December 4th at St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School in Barrie, the Kenyan Boys Choir brought music and culture to the stage! Students at JOA were ecstatic, as the engaging performance was more than a good time - it gave us all something more to think about.

The Kenyan Boys Choir is undoubtedly on their way to becoming world renowned, performing for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, former President Barack Obama, as well as alongside famous artists such as Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, Hedley, Whoopi Goldberg, and countless “We Day” celebrations! The talented group, ranging in age from 18 to 25, bring their phenomenal vocals and harmony together featuring traditional African sounds.

The powerful song “Homeless” took listeners on an incredible journey! The song emphasizes the truth of how difficult life can be for people who are living in unfit conditions. Although the song is sung in the native language, tone and body language tell the story of not having a bed to sleep in, as the life of a homeless person. It is amazing how the group uses their artistry to highlight the issues that are true to their hearts.

Students were also thrilled to hear the choir perform a flawless rendition of “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes. Now this is a more dynamic choir than students have ever seen before!

Bringing cultural inspiration to their performance, the singing/dancing/harmonizing group were lively, engaging, and inspiring. The Knights of St. Joan of Arc were grateful for the opportunity to host the Kenyan Boys Choir, as they walked away with eyes wide open from this unforgettable experience.