St. Theresa’s High School’s Easter Food Drive and Lenten Celebrations

St. Theresa’s High School’s Easter Food Drive and Lenten Celebrations
Posted on 04/04/2018
Easter food driveWritten by Zsofia Hatvani, Student Journalist

St. Theresa’s Catholic High School in Midland prides itself on being highly spirited and faith oriented as a Catholic school. Students are known throughout the community for their involvement in local charities and always doing good things for their neighbours. The school’s focus in the month of March has been to celebrate the Easter season by concentrating on faith and putting it into action through an Easter food drive and other activities during the Lenten Season.

As a school that values involvement in the community and helping however they can, the school has once again participated in the Easter food drive, and donated non-perishable food items. “It is important to give to families in need - we are all people and everyone should be able to celebrate and sit down to eat with family during Easter, or any religious holiday,” said a Grade 12 student who contributed to the food drive.

The food drive began in mid March and closed on March 29th. It was also a classroom and house colour competition. The class that brought in the most food won an ice cream party. In first place, with the most food items was the Gold house, followed by the Green house, and a tie between Red and Blue house.

St. Theresa’s is also proud to provide a safe place for students and staff to reflect and be connected to their faith, which is why they hold Mass several times throughout the year. All students and staff were encouraged to attend the Easter Mass to pray and enjoy the service, dedicated to the Lenten Season.

A small Easter egg hunt was also organized by the student council. Volunteering classes competed to collect the most hidden chocolate eggs around the school, while the entire class held onto a rope, and had to move together when they spotted an egg. “I was surprised to see how well my class worked together considering there were thirty of us running as a circle,” said Hayleigh, one of the students who participated in the hunt.

The staff and students at St. Theresa’s Catholic High School, will continue to express their faith in their everyday lives at as the Easter season comes to a close.