Prayers for Toronto
Posted on 04/24/2018
On April 23, the city of Toronto was stunned when a driver hit a number of pedestrians on the sidewalk, killing 10 people and injuring at least 15 more. While there is much we still do not know about these events, we want to bring this situation before God in prayer and petition, for our Toronto sisters and brothers.

These tragic times can be hard for children and youth to comprehend. See some suggestions on how to support children during times of tragedy.

Let us pray.

God ever close to the broken-hearted,
the tragic events yesterday in Toronto have left us confused, saddened and uncertain.

We weep for the people whose lives were taken so suddenly and senselessly,
for their families and loved ones, and for those shaken and terrified by this attack.
We ask comfort and strength for them at this tragic moment.

We hold up for your healing all those who were injured and are being cared for in hospitals:
Guide the hands of the medical professionals who are caring for them,
and allow the injured to return swiftly to those who love them.

Be with the first responders who have done their best to save life and protect it.

In this time of questioning and upset, we know that you are near to us,
and that you share our pain and our inability to understand what has happened.

Pour out peace on our troubled world … peace in our hearts, peace in our communities, peace in our nations.

Renew our commitment to building up your Kingdom of compassion, love and joy,
so that no city will ever again experience a tragedy of this kind.

May your mercy guide our world, O Lord, as we bless you forever,

in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.