More than a Game: Hockey Canada Skills Academy

More than a Game: Hockey Canada Skills Academy
Posted on 04/10/2018
DOM HockeyWritten by Ashley Fortin, Student Journalist

Hockey - our nation's pride and joy. It seems as if everyone wants to play this sport that is ingrained in Canadian culture and identity. It may be a favourite pastime of many children, but at St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School (DOM) in Bracebridge it is so much more. DOM embraces this sport as a whole program and students can earn academic credits playing the game they love. In 2018-2019, the Hockey Canada Skills Academy returns for its third academic year.

A unique opportunity, students of any skill level enrolled at DOM are able to earn two credits enhancing their skills through both on-ice and in-school components. Approximately two to three days a week are spent on-ice in the arena doing drills, playing scrimmages, as well as improving the skills needed to become a great player. The rest of the time, students are in the gym improving their personal fitness. Apart from improving individual and technical skills, the Hockey Canada Skills Academy aims to create an ideal athlete emphasising leadership, sportsmanship and nutrition.

Every athlete aims to be the best at their sport, and the Hockey Canada Skills Academy at St. Dominic aims to help each individual student be their best. The goal of the Hockey Canada Skills Academy is simple, and mirrors the words from one of hockey’s greatest players Sidney Crosby:

“Whether you're trying to learn in hockey or trying to learn in life, I've always tried to be observant and tried to learn more, tried to evolve, whether it's as a hockey player or as a person.”