A Pilgrimage to Israel

A Pilgrimage to Israel
Posted on 04/04/2018
PFO Israel TripWritten by Emily Fallows, Student Journalist

At Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School in Orillia (PF), on March 9, a group of 13 students and 13 adults set out for 12 days on a once in a lifetime experience: a pilgrimage to Israel. A Grade 12 religion credit was earned by the students as they not only went on the trip but also attended classes on Saturdays with teacher Mr. Bazinet.

PFO Israel TripThe group stayed in Bethlehem for one night, Tiberias for four nights and Jerusalem for five nights. They saw the Fortress of Masada, Old Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, and the ruins of Bethsaida. They rode camels, went on a jesus boat through the seas of Galilee, and walked through the Judean Mountains. They even floated on the Dead sea, while one of the students, Noah S. read the physics of buoyancy. These were just a few of the many priceless things this group of 27 got to experience.

Mr. Bazinet explained how going on this trip was, “Making faith real, bringing the bible to life, and deepening my understanding of what I teach.”

The Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board’s theme for this school year is, Our Story ~ Our Journey. This adventure to Israel was a perfect way to carry out this theme as these students set out on a journey together for their faith and learning, and their travels have become part of our story here at PF.