141 Digits of Pi
Posted on 04/03/2018
Pie!Written by Maya Hinds, Student Journalist

Though typically celebrated on the 14th, due to the March break holiday Jean Vanier Catholic High School of Collingwood celebrated Pi day a few days earlier on March 9th.

Students throughout the school memorized as many digits of Pi as they could, and recited them in front of math teachers Mr. Danaher and Mr. Boose.

Pie  Pie

Every student who could recite 10 digits received a delicious slice of pie.

In addition, there was a competition for who could recite the most digits of Pi; the winner, returning student, Zorya D., recited an astounding 141 digits of the famous number, and received an entire pie as a reward!

Runners up in the competition were Grade 12 students Seth C. and Michael A.

P.S.The message on the shirts; √-1 23 π, can be translated to “I ate some pie”