Make These the Best Four Years

Make These the Best Four Years
Posted on 10/04/2016
school imageWritten by Emily Fallows, Student Journalist

In the four years we will spend at Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary in Orillia a lot will happen. As a Grade 9 student we enter this building unsure of our place and where we will fit in. In four year’s time we will graduate as more confident 17 or 18 year olds. Many things change between your first and last years of high school.

In grade 9, students must deal with the transition from elementary to high school, and the challenges that come with it. Elie S. is a Grade 9 student and said she found the transition a bit stressful at first. Spencer R., another Grade 9 student, said “it took time getting used to going into different classrooms for every subject.”

The majority of classes in the first year of high school are mandatory and the quantity of homework can become overwhelming. As the school year continues, meeting new people and joining extracurricular activities, such as band, sports teams, and special interest groups makes Grade 9 students feel comfortable and welcome.

The final year of high school is marked with thoughts of, “what comes next ?” Just as everyone becomes comfortable with school and expectations, they must get ready to say goodbye. As Gabby T., a Grade 12 student, states “there can be a lot of pressure on your mental health, with big decisions to make.” Taylor G., a Grade12 student, stays on top of the workload and says, “I usually have 3 hours of homework but I can do most of it at school, so I only have about an hour at home.” In Grade 12 students enjoy taking courses more geared to interests and goals such as photography, philosophy, vocal music, guitar, calculus, creative writing, etc.

Each year of high school will present challenges and rewards to every student, but with the help and guidance of friends, teachers, and our faith, we can make each year better than the last.