Water We Doing?
Posted on 03/02/2017
water monsterWritten by Francesca Manalo, Student Journalist

“We grow through love and example” is the motto that the students of Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Bradford West Gwillimbury strive to live up to. In the past few months, many students have indeed set the example for others to follow, through various “green” initiatives.

In the months of December and January, Ms. Fraser’s Grade 10 religion class collected water bottles and plastic containers from the recycling bins in all of the classrooms. The result? An astonishing display that is now hung in the cafeteria for all to see, a giant “jellyfish” constructed out of all the plastic that Holy Trinity uses in one week alone! The jellyfish is hung with signs reading, “this is all of our waste in one week” and “Water we doing?”

poster  water station  water monster

In addition to the awareness that the students have raised about unnecessary waste, the Tiger Green Team, with assistance from the school, has raised funds for a new water bottle station on the second floor, in addition to the one already installed on the first floor. This was done to raise awareness about the amount of waste we contribute, and how we can change this negative impact by simply switching from disposable to reusable water bottles.