It’s a Thing - a Sweet Thing!

It's a Thing - a Sweet Thing!
Posted on 03/02/2017
CupcakesWritten by Francesca Manalo, Student Journalist

On Tuesday, February 21st, the students of Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Bradford West Gwillimbury enjoyed a sweet treat: free cupcakes at lunch! Cupcake Day, a tradition at Holy Trinity, is a day when students bake and bring in cupcakes to share with the entire school. There are always plenty for everyone, even for seconds!

cupcakes  cupcakes

Cupcake Day is organized by teacher Ms. Ferragine, who coordinates where students drop off their cupcakes in the morning and where the cupcakes are displayed in the front foyer. This year, there were even gluten free cupcakes available for those who needed them.

Students were given three community service hours for two dozen iced cupcakes, and were encouraged to spend Family Day baking with their families.