Popular Hockey Program at St. Dominic

Popular Hockey Program at St. Dominic
Posted on 01/30/2017
Hockey Academy

Written by Kayla McBride, Student Journalist

Every athlete knows the importance of practice and conditioning. Whether it be on the court, on the field or on the rink, every second counts. Not many athletes get the opportunity to train for their sport and receive a high school credit, let alone two, but the Hockey Canada Skills Academy at St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School in Bracebridge allows hockey players to do just that.

As first semester wraps up, so does the first year of the Hockey Canada Skills Academy, a great opportunity for hockey players who want to improve their skills. Spending two or three days a week at the rink doing drills and scrimmages, and the rest of the time in the weight room, class room or gym has improved the skill of all of the participants. Players report that just being on the ice and having extra time to practice helped immensely. Leaving the Academy students say they feel in better shape than when they first began the program.

It is safe to say this program was more than successful, as many students enjoyed their time with it and some say they hope to return next year. A huge nod is given to Mr. Blum the head of the Hockey Canada Skills Academy at St. Dominic. He is an amazing coach and teacher and has done so much to ensure the Hockey Academy's success.

The Academy will return for the 2017/2018 school year and St. Dominic is accepting applications to the program now. Applications can be picked up at St.Dominics, 55 Cedar Lane, Bracebridge, ON, P1L 0A1. Interested participants can call the school at (705) 646-8772 with any questions.

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