Stress Tips for Teens

Stress Tips for Teens
Posted on 02/07/2017
stressed out teenWritten by Emily Fallows, Student Journalist at Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School

Teens can experience stress not only during exam time, but at many times during a school year, when homework and assignments pile up, deadlines loom, and it all seems to be just a bit too much. Here are some tips to manage stress:

1. Focus on the present: Keep in mind that you are only in control of what is going on now, do what you can, and let the cards fall where they may.

2. Exercise: Even taking a short walk gives off endorphins, helping cope with stress.

3. Listen to music: Listening to music has been proven to lower blood pressure, heart rate and reduce anxiety.

4. Understand your limit: Always strive for your best, not perfection. Once you’ve done your best, take a break; it is out of your control after that.

5. Get some sleep: You will feel better with one extra hour of sleep, as opposed to one extra hour of studying.

6. Eat right: Both your body and mind will feel better with the right amount of nutrients, especially omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown to reduce stress levels.

7. Take a mental break: Overworking your brain will not help; always remember to take a break when things get overwhelming.

8. Reduce caffeine intake: Though it may provide temporary energy and wakefulness, caffeine can cause headaches and anxiety. Try tea which contains theanine, an amino acid which has a calming effect on the nervous system.

9. Get some fresh air: Staying inside all day isn't healthy; taking a deep breath of fresh air oxygenates your blood, helps center your body, and clears your mind.

10. Limit technology: The less time you spend on your phone, the more time you have available to study. Once all of your work is completed you will feel much better about checking your twitter feed.