STEM Program Comes to Patrick Fogarty

STEM Program Comes to Patrick Fogarty
Posted on 02/08/2017

The amount of amazing programs offered at our schools is undeniable, and Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School in Orillia can’t help but add one more to their list. Students will soon be able to use their analytical thinking and problem solving skills in the new science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) program.

Eight teachers at the school have signed on to participate in the new program, including those in the construction and mathematics department. The goal of the program is to give students experiences beyond the curriculum and prepare them to deal with real-life problems. Activities are focused on experiential learning and hands-on experience rather than textbook material. One example is to have students analyze the Chilean mine disaster and take them through a series of activities that simulate the problem solving that might have happened behind the scenes to create a successful rescue plan.

The STEM program is one addition to the many amazing programs offered at Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School. Students are also able to take advantage of Specialist High Skills Majors and the Aquatics Leadership Program (just to name a couple).

Thank to the incredible staff who dedicate their time to making these programs available and such a success.

(Photo from Orillia Packet)