I CAN: Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy
Posted on 02/25/2016

I CAN is a program launched this year, aimed at students who may are coming into high school with gaps in their understanding of math concepts, which can result in low confidence and a negative attitude toward mathematics.

First Semester - Learning Strategies Course

  • focuses on numeracy gaps
  • builds on learning skills and work habits needed to succeed in any class
  • replaces a French or Physical Education course, or an elective on the student's timetable

Second Semester - Applied Math Course

  • student is enrolled in a math course at the applied level
  • same teacher as first semester

Who is this program for?
The student should meet most of the following criteria:

  • at grade level, with gaps in numeracy
  • succeeding in at least three of the five elementary strands
  • keen on learning
  • not in a modified program
  • may have been absent for extended periods of time missing valuable Grade 8 content

The high school guidance department, in consultation with Grade 8 teachers will identify and recommend students who may benefit from this program.