2009 - 2010 Annual Report
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School Board Improvement Plan
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Director’s Message

Michael O'Keefe

Education is truly a celebration of the joy of learning. Anyone involved in watching a child grow and develop while in our Catholic schools is tremendously privileged to be part of this wondrous experience. When we prepare our Board’s Annual Report, we have the opportunity to reflect back on the many successes that help create a learning environment that is full of joy and hope for many eager students.

The Annual Report is also the final one I am submitting as Director of Education for the Board. After seven years in this position and almost 38 years as a professional educator, I remain humbled and awed by the power that the joy of learning brings to me. I am deeply grateful to my many colleagues with whom I have had the honour to collaborate while at this Board and throughout my career.

Whether it is exploring new technologies for the classroom, introducing new programs or services to help every child achieve their God-given potential, or simply watching the expression of a student who has that “ah-ha” moment there is an overwhelming sense of inspiration and satisfaction from being involved in student learning.

This report captures much of what goes on “behind the scenes” to ensure that every day is a successful day for students in our classrooms. Through ongoing professional learning and leadership development, exploring faith enrichment, examining new teaching practices,researching best-practices in all areas, introducing new programs and initiatives, improving our learning facilities, involving our parents,working with our parish partners or finding better ways to provide service to our schools – everyone works toward our ultimate goal of ensuring every child succeeds.

The report highlights many of the tremendous achievements of our students and staff who are part of our Catholic school communities. It celebrates successes and also outlines opportunities for growth as we continually explore new ways to expand our boundaries and be innovative in the classroom. What is presented here is not just what occurred inthe 2009 –2010 school year. Today’s successes build on a history of tremendous achievement in Catholic education. The past legacy, along with what is occurring today in our schools, points to a very bright future for Catholic learning and for our students – tomorrow’s leaders.

I am full of extreme gratitude for being part of the many wonderful experiences of the past school year. The joy and wonder of learning will continue. As I complete this phase of my own personal journey, I am confident that others will ensure every child experiences the joy of learning.

God bless,

Michael O’Keefe
Director of Education