Funding the Spirit of Learning

Providing the resources we need to enhance our students’ faith-filled learning is always a challenge. While provincial funding for some educational programs and services has been improving, we continue to be faced with fiscal pressures in key areas such as special education, student transportation and technology. Rising costs of fuel and other utilities also had a major impact on our operational budget.

As a Board, we were fortunate to receive additional funding from the province over the summer months, which meant we did not have to make decisions that could have impacted some of our programs and services for students. Even with this additional funding, we have had to use many innovative strategies to find the most cost effective ways of providing Catholic learning in our classrooms.

Although there are always challenges and difficult decisions to make regarding allocating funds, our primary focus remains on our students and classroom resources.

Please visit our Budget link to find out more about our 2006 - 2007 revenue and expenditures.