Our Director's Message

Most of us can recall a time when someone influenced our lives in a significant way.Often it was people who cared – individuals who devoted time, energy and compassion and saw us as unique persons. They inspired us through our spiritual, social and academic journeys. In many instances, these individuals were involved in our education.

Our annual report celebrates our endeavours as we shape the learning and influence the lives of the young students that parents entrust to our care. This year, we are pleased to be providing our annual report for the 2006 –2007 school year “on-line,” through this website, making our accomplishments more accessible to our community. We are also committed to caring for God's creation, so reducing our use of paper assists us in our “green” efforts and our stewardship.

In Catholic education, we are blessed with the awesome privilege of helping young children learn. And we have the added role of guiding their faith development. We try to influence our students in many positive ways.This calling is both a tremendous challenge and a humbling responsibility that those involved in education come to experience.Because we believe in our schools, in our Catholic faith, in our staff –and most of all – in our students, we are able to foster academic,spiritual and religious experiences for our young people.

Over the past year, we have worked with our teachers and support staff, with parents, parish priests, and other key partners to ensure that our students excel in their learning and that they grow to their God-given full potential. In our midst, we believe that we are blessed with staff that has a positive influence on children's lives.

All of our resources, programs and services are dedicated to our primary purpose – supporting our schools so they can nurture the faith and learning of our students. This report highlights achievements over the past year, while exploring the many exceptional opportunities that our students, families and communities can expect from our Board in the coming year.

Thank you for taking the time to review this report and we look forward to hearing from you. Your comments on this report or on other aspects of our goals and priorities are important to us. You can provide us your feedback through our Communication Department.

God bless.

Michael O╩╝Keefe
Director of Education