Anishinabek Education: Language Strategy in Action

Anishinabek Education: Language Strategy in Action
Posted on 02/20/2024
The Kinoomaadziwin Education Body is seeking student input on a language survey.
Input will help create a 10-year plan for language learning in the Anishinabek Education System (AES). In the coming months, the Gtigaandan Miikanaawan Anishnaabemang project team will be talking with AES students in every Regional Education Council.
The project team is working on the following activities:
  • developing community language profiles;
  • community engagement on language strategies;
  • hosting regional language meetings;
  • organizing an annual language conference; and
  • collecting language survey responses from PFN members and AES students.
Scan the QR code below for the student language survey.



Student Language Survey