Clouded Judgement: Navigating youth vaping
As parents and caregivers, we've all been there – we successfully manage one challenge, only to find ourselves face-to-face with another! We do our best to prepare ourselves for the unknowns ahead and just when we think we've got it figured out, a new level of the game begins – just as it was starting to feel like smoking is so last century, vaping enters the chat.
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2023 Christmas Card Artwork Winner
We were thrilled to see an incredible response this year, with over 150 entries! Thank you to everyone who participated—you truly made this decision the toughest (and most exciting) one yet. But while it was difficult to narrow so many beautiful submissions to the top ten, we are very happy to announce this year's winner and nine honourable mentions:
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Success is Closer Than You Think
“Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” It's a cautionary phrase we find on our side-view mirrors, reminding us that our perception can sometimes play tricks on us. We often set deadlines for ourselves, and the pressure to achieve milestones by a certain age can feel overwhelming. We carefully lay out our plans and then life does what life does and shakes things up, throwing us unexpected curves. We navigate through time, constantly shifting the goalpost - aiming for next week, next month, Monday (oh Monday, Monday…) wondering if our goals might always be distant specks on the horizon. Life’s rhythm doesn't always align with the timelines we set for ourselves. Careers, relationships, personal growth — it all unfolds at its own pace, and it's a marathon, not a sprint. As we focus our sights, we might be surprised to find that the dreams we thought were so distant are actually much closer than we think.
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