Carla Acevedo and Kristen Murphy

Carla Acevedo and Kristen Murphy
Posted on 06/02/2023
Celebrating Staff LogoEvery week we celebrate SMCDSB staff members who have been recognized by a parent, student or colleague.

This week we are celebrating Carla Acevedo, a DECE at Carla Acevedo St. Marie of the Incarnation Catholic School. Carla was nominated by a colleague, who said:

“Her dedication, compassion and always going the extra mile for her students and co-workers, to ensure all are WELCOME.”

Kristen MurphyThis week we are also celebrating Kristen Murphy, a Speech and Language Pathologist at Academic Services. Kristen was nominated by a colleague, who said:

“Kristen has been such a blessing to our school board and school community. She is a wonderful person to work with. She is dedicated to helping teachers and students and is knowledgeable in so many different areas. Kristen is approachable and takes the time to help share her knowledge and support the individual needs of all students.

Kristen has been an integral part of the St. Monica's school community. She is consistently present and there for our students and families.

Kristen has a gift when it comes to sharing information with families and staff. She always takes the time to really support students, teachers and families. We are so lucky to have her on our team! ”

We would like to thank Carla and Kristen for their commitment to Catholic education at our board.