A Celebration of Faith and Community

A Celebration of Faith and Community
Posted on 04/20/2023
On Monday, April 17th, many faithful followers welcomed Archbishop Francis Leo to St. Mary's Parish in Barrie. The newly appointed Archbishop presided over a special mass.

The church was filled with parishioners, happy to be part of this rare visit to our area. Among them sat our school board trustees and Director of Education Frances Bagley.

Archbishop Leo's uplifting homily was filled with optimism. He even made the congregation chuckle when he joked lightheartedly about hockey. Born in Montreal, it was clear which team he cheers for!

Director Bagley, spoke highly of the new Archbishop, "Archbishop Leo brings a sense of hope for our future, building on his strong belief of who we are as members in God's family. He is genuinely excited and committed to work with those of us in the northern region. We are just as excited and committed to be with him to celebrate and share the joy and beauty of our faith."

We pray that the Archbishop's passion and commitment to community will inspire and uplift all those who have the opportunity to work with him.